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Merlin GM v32 v3.2 - 35M3 bytes - free
Merlin Creative v4.15 - 23M8 bytes - free
Merlin Silver v4.10 - 11M5 bytes - free
Instrument soundfonts
Several other General Midi soundfont banks
Merlin Pro GM soundfont banks Merlin Symphony v1.21 - 171M bytes - 50 credits
Merlin Vienna v3.20 - 90M2 bytes - 25 credits
Merlin Orchestra v1.40 - 70M8 bytes - 20 credits
Merlin Grand v5.37 - 61M4 bytes - 15 credits
Merlin Special 2.05 - 57M5 bytes - 10 credits
Merlin GMPro v3.15 - 48M9 bytes - 8 credits
Merlin Audigy v1.14 - 38M8 bytes - 4 credits
Merlin Gold v4.10 - 38M8 bytes - 2 credits

Soundfont is a brand name that collectively refers to a file format and associated technology designed to bridge the gap between recorded and synthesized audio, especially for the purposes of computer music composition. Soundfont is also a registered trademark of E-mu Systems, Inc., and the exclusive license for re-formatting and managing historical Soundfont content has been acquired by Digital Sound Factory. Soundfont technology is akin to software sampling. A Soundfont file, or Soundfont 'bank', contains one or more sampled audio waveforms (or 'samples'), which can be re-synthesized at different pitches and dynamic levels. Each sampled waveform may be associated with one or more ranges of pitches and dynamics. Generally speaking, the quality of a Soundfont bank is a function of the quality of the digital samples and the intelligent association of samples with their appropriate pitch ranges. Quality is also dependent on the number of samples taken for a given range of pitches. Soundfont banks are tightly integrated with MIDI devices and can be seamlessly used in place of General MIDI (GM) patches in many computer music sequencers and players. The quality of Soundfont banks is generally regarded as superior to standard GM banks and many Soundfont banks have been created specifically to replace GM banks with samples of each corresponding musical instrument. Soundfont Categories Banks: collections of instruments and / or drumsets Pianos: acoustic piano, bright piano, electric piano, honky-tonk piano, rhodes piano, chorused piano, harpsichord, clavinet Chromatic percussions: celesta, glockenspiel, music box, vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, tubular bells, dulcimer Organs: hammond organ, percussive organ, rock organ, church organ, reed organ, accordian, harmonica, tango accordion Guitars: nylon guitar, steel guitar, jazz guitar, clean guitar, guitar mutes, overdrive, distortion, guitar harmonics Basses: acoustic bass, fingered bass, picked bass, fretless bass, slap bass 1 & 2, synth bass 1 & 2 Solo strings: violin, viola, cello, contrabass, tremolo strings, pizzicato, orchestral harp Ensemble: string ensemble, slow strings, synth strings 1 & 2, orchestra hit Voices: choir aahs, voice oohs, synth voice, space voice, solo vox Brass: trumpet, trombone, tuba, mute trumpet, french horn, brass section, synthbrass 1 & 2 Reeds: soprano sax, alto ax, tenor sax, baritone sax, oboe, english horn, bassoon, clarinet Pipes: piccolo, flute, recorder, pan flute, bottle blow, shakuhachi, whistle, ocarina Synth lead: square wave, sawtooth wave, synth calliope, chiff lead, charang, fifths, bass & lead Synth pad: new age, warm pad, poly synth, bowed glass, metal pad, halo pad, sweep pad Synth effects: ice rain, soundtrack, crystal, atmosphere, brightness, goblins, echo drops, star sci-fi Ethnic: sitar, banjo, shamisen, koto, kalimba, bagpipe, fiddle, shanai Percussive: tinkle bell, agogo, steel drums, woodblock, taiko drum, melodic drum, synth drum, reverse cymbal, timpani Sound effects: guitar fret noise, breath noise, seashore, bird tweet, telephone ring, helicopter, applause, gunshot Percussive kits: complete kits of drums and percussion, like rock, jazz, orchestra, tr-808, standard, etc. Functionality The most sophisticated sound cards use wavetables to define the base samples that are used to render their MIDI files. MIDI files in themselves don't contain any sounds, rather they contain only instructions to render them, and consequently rely on the sound card wavetables to render such sounds correctly. Soundfont-compatible synthesizers allow users to use Soundfont banks to augment these wavetables with custom samples to render their music. Given good sound design, this kind of synthesis can offer a very realistic listening experience, as the synthesis is based on sampled sounds of real instruments that may be CD Quality or better. A Soundfont bank contains base samples in PCM format (similar to .wav files) that are mapped to sections on a musical keyboard. A Soundfont bank also contains other music synthesis parameters such as loops, vibrato effect, and velocity sensitive volume changing. With these capabilities, a computer with a soundfont-compatible sound card, player or synthesizer can render audio content that is similar in quality to that of a professional digital sampler. See also Related Articles and midi/soundfonts utilities stuff. Examples of what can be achieved using soundfonts: Utilization and Applications Playback of SoundFont enabled MIDI files using standard media players (such as Windows Media Player) requires the operating system to offer the ability to change the "Default MIDI Device" to a SoundFont compatible MIDI Synthesizer. This "Default MIDI Device" switching option was removed from Windows Vista and W7, though the registry information for the "Default Midi Device" can still be modified to select SoundFont compatibiliy synthesizers, or making use of a tool called PLW Midi Mapper. Several tools (such as Synthfont, Timidity and Spider Player) have been created to allow playback of MIDI files using SoundFonts on any version of Windows. They are, however, independent applications and so do not integrate with Windows Media Player or Windows itself, although Timidity (Music Contest version) and Synthfont have addon tools to do it. Using SoundFonts for music creation is also fully supported under Windows Vista and Windows 7 in some of the more popular Digital Audio Workstation software programs such as PreSonus Studio One, Cakewalk Sequencers and Steinberg Cubase. Studio One also supports the use of SoundFonts on MacOS X via its Presence virtual instrument. Music Contest  -  Hot Links  - Downloads -  Merlin Soundfonts
GM Instrument Groups
BANK (54)
Pianos (21)
Chromatic Percussion (6)
Organs (4)
Guitars (10)
Basses (4)
Strings (8)
Ensembles (3)
Brass (4)
Reeds (6)
Pipes (5)
Synth Lead (1)
Synth Pad (0)
Synth Effects (0)
Ethnic (3)
Percussive (5)
Sound Effects (0)
Voices (5)
Percussion (5)

Popular Soundfonts - Hits
Merlin GM v32, 34091
Jurgen GM GS Bank, 27134
Merlin Creative v4.15, 17076
Steinway Grand D, 14801
Piano Bechstein, 14028
Piano-Y, 10334
Merlin Silver, 9683
Creative Labs 4M GM, 9438
Guitar Nylon Protrax, 9119
JL Symphony Orchestra, 7388

Top 10 Soundfonts - Scores
Chris, 10.00
Sarrusophone, 10.00
Steinway Grand D, 9.67
Merlin Orchestra v1.40, 9.57
027.3 mg Symphony Hall Bank, 9.50
Merlin GM v32, 9.43
Merlin Grand v5.37, 9.40
Bosendorfer Clavinova Piano v2.3, 9.25
Merlin Symphony v1.21, 9.12
TB Tenor Sax, 9.00

Last Soundfonts Uploaded
Animal Crossing, 2020-08-11
Synth Lead:
Supersaw 0.92, 2020-07-23
OPL2 FM Synth Bass 1, 2020-07-23
Tubular Woodblock, 2020-07-23
Hubbe 64MB v2.51, 2020-03-30
bass, 2019-12-19
Dobro guitar, 2019-12-19
44100Hz Sample Rate GM SoundFont, 2019-11-12
Gothic/Celtic Harp, 2019-06-27
Compifont, 2019-06-21

Free Merlin SF2
Merlin Silver, 11.6 MB
Merlin 8mbgm plus13, 15.2 MB
Merlin Creative v4.15, 23.8 MB
Merlin GM v22, 29.6 MB
Merlin GM v32, 35.4 MB

Merlin Pro Soundfonts
Merlin Gold v4.10, 38.8 MB
Merlin Audigy v1.14, 38.8 MB
Merlin GMpro v3.15, 49.0 MB
Merlin Special v2.05, 57.5 MB
Merlin Grand v5.37, 61.4 MB
Merlin Orchestra v1.40, 70.8 MB
Merlin Vienna v3.20, 90.2 MB
Merlin Symphony v1.21, 171.3 MB

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