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    To download a soundfont (sf2) or utility left-click on the name.

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    sfArk and sfPack :


    sfPack and sfArk files are like Zip files. They need to be decompressed to get the uncompressed sf2 file. Right-click to download the sfpack compress utility here and the sfark compress utility here.


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    *** MERLIN GM SOUNDFONT BANKS (size order) ***

     Merlin GM Symphony 1.16   Feb-10-2009, sfArk: 80M5 and sf2: 193M, by Lavio Pareschi.

      Piano Steinway-LP17, strings SP5L, percussion Custom. Realistic string quartet and timpani. Last improvements (30/Jun/2010): piano Steinway-LP, Slow Str Gold2, Choir, Voices, Vox, Violin X4, Timpani M2.
    10 CR  

     Merlin GM Vienna 3.19   Nov-21-2004, sfArk: 41M3 and sf2: 90M4, by Lavio Pareschi. Cost: 5 CR.

      Piano SCC-LP, strings Vienna-2, percussion EMU. Realistic string quartet. Last improvements (07/Jul/2010): Piano.
    5 CR  

     Merlin GM/XG Orchestra 1.35   Sep-18-2007, sfArk: 32M7 and sf2: 71M8, by Lavio Pareschi.

      Grand concert Piano, strings ProLP2, percussion XG. Very natural sounding in all areas and very well balanced. Realistic stringquartet. Last improvements (30/Jun/2010): Strings, Timpani.
    4 CR  

     Merlin GM Grand 5.35   Feb-24-2004, sfArk: 28M9 and sf2: 62M2, by Lavio Pareschi.

      Piano SCC-LP, strings SP4, percussion EMU. Realistic stringquartet and timpani. Last improvements (30/Jun/2010): Str Slow Classic2.
    3 CR  

     Merlin Special 2.01   Jul-02-2010, sfArk: 27M5 and sf2: 54M7, by Lavio Pareschi.

      Piano WST44LP, strings CX2, percussion EMU. Realistic stringquartet and timpani. Last improvements (05/Jul/2010): Stringx CX2, Piano WST44, Timpani M2, Church organ, Pizzicato strings.
    2 CR  

     Merlin GM Pro 3.14   Jul-01-2003, sfArk: 24M7 and sf2: 52M2, by Lavio Pareschi.

      Piano Steinway-LP8, strings Gold-5, percussion EMU. Very natural sounding in all areas, built and tweaked by comparison to recordings with real instruments - realistic instruments as fuller strings, stringquartet and timpani, superb pianos, horns, cathedral organs, real voices and improved choirs. Last improvements (30/Jun/2010): Violin X3, Slow strings Gold4.
    1 CR  

     Merlin GM/XG Audigy 1.13   Feb-10-2009, sfArk: 18M7 and sf2: 38M3, by Lavio Pareschi.

      Piano Merlin, strings SP1, percussion XG. Realistic stringquartet and timpani. Last improvements (03/Jul/2010): Strings, Voices, Timpani, Pizzicato strings.

     Merlin GM Gold 4.03   May-01-2004, sfArk: 18M5 and sf2: 37M, by Lavio Pareschi.

      Piano Merlin-2, strings SP3, percussion EMU. Very natural sounding in all areas and very well balanced. Realistic string quartet. Last improvements (05/Jul/2010): Piano.

     Merlin GM Creative 4.15   Apr-04-2004, sfArk: 12M3 and sf2: 23M8, by Lavio Pareschi.

      Piano Merlin, strings CX, percussion EMU. Low polyphony load and good quality. Realistic stringquartet. Appropriate for Creative Lab soundcards with 64 voices polyphony limitation (SBLive, Audigy, X-Fi). Last improvements: (30/Jun/2010): Strings, Slow strings.



     PLW Midi Mapper for Windows 7   by Akkordwechsel

      Midi Mapper for Windows 7 and terrible Vista.
    Playback of SoundFont enabled MIDI files using standard media players (such as Windows Media Player) requires the operating system to offer the ability to change the "Default MIDI Device" to a SoundFont compatible MIDI Synthesizer. This "Default MIDI Device" switching option was removed from Windows Vista and W7 (!), though the registry information for the "Default Midi Device" can still be modified to select SoundFont compatibiliy synthesizers, or making use of a tool called PLW Midi Mapper.

     Midi Yoke 1.71   by Jamie O'Connell.

      The world's greatest all-purpose MIDI Utility! MIDI YOKE is a MIDI Patch Cable driver. It is a Windows (versions NT, 2000, XP, 98) multimedia driver. MIDI YOKE is used to connect any Windows MIDI Application outputs to any other Applications inputs. The MIDI data stream is passed directly from output to input. Very useful.
    It can be used to redirect midi players to use midi engines like Timidity and SFZ.

     Vienna Soundfont Studio 2.40.55  (10M12) by Creative Labs.

      Soundfont (SF2 files) editor suited for Creative Labs soundcards as Sound Blaster Live, Audigy and X-Fi capable to support soundfonts. FREE  

      ...  (x) by Yamha.

      Empty FREE  

     vanBasco's Karaoke Player.

      vanBasco's Karaoke Player 2.53 is a MIDI Karaoke Player for Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4/2000/XP coming with full-screen lyrics display. It supports skins, change and recall of tempo, volume, key control, mute/solo instruments, and much more. FREE  

     Anvil Studio Midi Sequencer and Player.

      Anvil Studio is a free Windows program designed for people who want to record music with MIDI and Audio equipment, compose music for MIDI and Audio equipment, Sequence music with MIDI equipment, or play with music using a computer and sound card. FREE  

     Midiate 0.74b  (1M6)  Midi enhancer by Chris Kevany. Screenshot here.

      Midiate RC - modify and enhance midi files... Why?  Overview, What's new .
    March 2006 - New version II "Refiner" tool with on-screen editing and a clear view for all screen sizes from 1024x768 up. New "File finder" tool brings you fast and easy to any file even if you only loosely know its name. Almost new and still very hot; Realtime WAVE/MP3 Recorder. Can be used with SB compatible (almost all) soundcards and KX drivers. See screenshot here.


    work on any soundcard

     Timidity 2.22 - including MidiYoke for WXP with instructions - (4M3), Midi Contest version

      New midi-contest version. With Timidity you can play back MIDI files using SoundFonts even WITHOUT a SoundFont compatible soundcard (like Creative's SoundBlaster Live!). Any soundcard will do it. Read INSTRUCTIONS.TXT inside. It has reverberation and chorus effects embedded and can render wav and mp3 files directly. Last version changes:
    - increased resolution for rendering with high quality -- three versions: high quality, average, run time; and one fast resident version (*);
    - optimized for current Pentium and AMD chips;
    - shows max number of polyphony voices used;
    - loads soundfonts correctly when you change soundfont;
    - some defaults changed and configuration files created for better quality choices.
    - instructions how to use Timidity and MidiYoke to use Timidity as Windows default midi synthesizer generatorhot.
    Timidity site: here.
    Rachmaninoff sample: Play recorded MP3 Merlin Vienna

     Synthfont 1.425  Full (15M) by Kenneth Rundt. Screenshot here.

      SynthFont is a MIDI rendering (MIDI-to-WAVE/MP3) tool. With SynthFont you can play back MIDI files using the best soundfonts.
    It has several options, a soundfont editor and a piano-roll view, capable of unlimited number of polyphony voices.
    Included several plugins for reverb, equalizer and chorus. It can render wav and mp3 files at any rate directly. See screenshot here.
    Synthfont site here.
    Rachmaninoff sample: Play recorded MP3 Merlin Orchestra

     Spider Player 2.3.5  (2M9).

      Support for custom MIDI soundfonts
    Spider Player allows you to choose SF2 soundfont used for MIDI playback to vary how your MIDI files sound. It is also possible to convert MIDI files to MP3 and other formats using soundfonts that suit them best.
    32-bit sound processing for crystal clear sound
    Spider Player can process sound with double precision internally. So even if your sound card is not capable of output in such resolution, the sound quality is still improved. The difference is especially noticeable, if DSP effects (such as peaking equalizer) are enabled.
    And more: Internet radio recording, Multiformat Playback, Converter and CD Ripper, DSP Effects Manager...
    Spider Player site is here.
    Rachmaninoff sample: Play recorded MP3 Merlin Orchestra


    *** OTHER STUFF***

      Total Annihilation Merlin Pack - Real Time Stragety War Game (440MB) by Merlin


    While every care has been taken to ensure trouble free operation of this Total Annihilation Strategy War Game Super Pack modification to download, it is freeware and we have no responsibility for any damages from brain exhaustion to mouse click button destruction caused by the use of this addictive and dangerous real time strategy war game ! :-)
    Full original Total Annihilation 3.1 + all campaigns + all expansions + Merlin pack with hundred new units + 100 maps + improved Artificial intelligence script...

    Visit site here.


    Cute PDF Writer (1M6B)


    A virtual printer that creates PDF files.
    It can be used as an add-on for your compositions, submitting the music sheet score.
    Create professional quality PDF files from almost any printable document. FREE for personal, commercial, gov or edu use! No watermarks! No popup Web ads! Now supports 64-bit Windows.

    Visit site here.


     My Own 1.2FE   Soundfont, Mar-20-2004, 24M sfArk and 50M sf2, by Karl Wittenburg. FREE.

      Natural sounding in all areas. Final Edition. FREE  

     KX Driver x86 v3550  (32 bits) and KX Driver x64 v3550 (64 bits) for Creative Lab boards, 7MB

      Target audience: At present the kX driver is aimed primarily at musicians, and especially those who wish to get the most out of their Emu10k1 and 10k2-based soundcards (SBLive, EMU APS, Audigy, Audigy2 and SB 512) and who have traditionally been left behind by the big soundcard manufacturers, who prefer to concentrate their efforts on the more lucrative gamers market. Now you can throw your Creative Lab drivers in the garbage can. It works for Windows XP and Windows 7 !
    Kx project site here.
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