version 0.74 b                        Freeware (C) 2004-2006 - by CK-software       

What is Midiate RC ...

    A midi dedicated Windows environment that offers you...

    *  unique automated midi remix and cleanup
    *  easy to use midi refiner tool (new version II for all screen sizes) 
    *  media player with advanced playlist support
    *  realtime Wave/MP3 recorder/mixer 
    *  convenient midi file manager (now with file finder) 


Midiate-RC (MRC) offers both midi composers and listeners/collectors a complete integrated set of tools and services to improve, record, playback and manage their midi collection.

Highly user definable options can be set to adapt midi files to any internal or external midi device and/or Soundfont®  bank. Third party tools like sequencer or notation programs can be accessed directly from all directory windows.

The MRC media player allows you to create, save and load playlists that can be easily "arranged" in any order you wish. It has "Auto Process" and "Random Play" modes and you can set a pause between playback.
It has a "Auto Continue" option which stores the last playing midi file in the playlist. It will continue from there, the next time you run MRC or load a playlist.

The MRC realtime WAVE/MP3 recorder allows you to record from all internal and external soundcard mixer sources in "Synchronized" and "Free" record modes. It supports any SB compatible soundcard.

The MRC file manager offers you a easy way to manage your midi file collection on your harddisk. It has a number of useful extra features. The "Assign" option let you create virtual disks to quickly access often used folders.

The MRC refiner tool is a "Graph" display which shows all programs in midi files, both processed and unprocessed. It let you modify program, volume, pan, reverb and chorus settings for every individual program. You also can shift velocity up or down, change channels and transpose program sections. You can directly review the "refined" results on a build-in Media Player.

     "Refiner II" tool to easily modify midi data on program level.

The most complex and powerful part of MRC is the "remix and cleanup" engine.
Here a brief description of this unique tool...

Midiate RC - modifies midi files... why ?

The MRC "remix and cleanup" tool is not meant to modify midi files regardless of the composers/creators musical intentions. It is developed to adapt them in cases where the disparity of used midi gear from composer/creator to us, his/her audience will interfere proper playback. Therefore it has no options to alter any of the composer/creator related events like copyright, comments, tempo etc. It even adds a "customized with..." notification that requests the user to keep the midi file for personal use and to only re-distribute the original. However it can improve performance and remove events that are technically undesired for proper playback like sysex events, bank changes, prefix ports, etc. MRC is a complex program doing a lot if analysis on a midi file and making a lot of conditional decisions according to that. For example it will remove static pitch events which are occasionally used to (de)tune external sound devices. It will re-pan static pan positions of selected programs but it will leave dynamic pan ranges because they are assumed to be part of the composers/creators creative intentions. It scales/shift velocity to improve balance between individual instruments. It has a convenient Windows user interface from where you can collect, process, audit and manage all your midi files.

General midi files follow the GM standard for indexing midi instruments. They have a header and tracks containing lots of events, but that's about all you can call "general" in a midi file. Almost any mix-up is allowed within a midi track and it's amazing your midi player (almost) never complains. MRC can reorganize midi files most often with success.

MRC modifies the midi file guided by a large user definable ini file we call a "Customize Sheet". Besides a number of global options, it also holds the desired adjustments for every individual program (GM instrument). Some midi files lacks a amount of reverb on certain tracks or even on all tracks. Others use modulation events on certain programs where your Soundfont bank has sampled vibrato. Some have all instruments panned to the center. A well adjusted "Customize Sheet" could simply correct this in a flash while leaving all other events untouched.

After three releases of the command line version of this tool we reworked the "engine" to a DLL and added a Windows user interface based on the "Gui4Cli" script language.

        "Csheet Wizard 2.02" for faster and more accurate csheet management.

MRC "Remix and Cleanup" Engine Features

+ Automated process based on customizable sheets read-in at startup
+ Unlimited number of customize sheets with a option to overload them as default
+ Powerful "csheet wizard" tool to let you easily create or modify customize sheets
+ Intelligent re-mapping of selectable instruments/settings to a virtual bank for easy
   adapting for e.g. Jazz combo/Orchestral/Symphonic/Chamber... sequences
+ Channel 10 (drum track) re-mapping to two virtual percussion banks
+ Automatic detection/conversion of format 0 to 1 midi files and RIFF midi files
+ Dynamic velocity shifting on program/preset level
+ Range selectable global scaling of velocity
+ Range selectable scaling of expression ranges
+ uses companding scale and average shift algorithms with threshold
+ Humanizing of static velocity ranges (improves snare/timpani rolls)
+ Add/modify/keep volume, pan, reverb and chorus settings at program/preset level
+ Re-mapping of programs/presets including volume, pan, reverb and chorus settings
+ Note transposition at program/preset level
+ Addition of controller reset on all channels
+ Addition of GM, GS or XG reset
+ Addition of bank selection at program/preset level
+ Addition of short end pause to avoid abrupt ending of playback
+ Removal of undesired long start- and/or end pauses
+ Removal of Sysex and Meta-events on demand (except composer related)
+ Removal of Aftertouch, Polyaftertouch and lyrics events on demand
+ Removal of static Pitchbend and Modulation wheel events
+ Removal of Pitchbend and Modulation wheel events at program/preset level on demand
+ Removal of undesired control events
+ Conversion of Volume ranges to Expression ranges
+ Note event clean-up (finds and removes unmatched noteon/off events)
+ Duplicate event clean-up and dynamic sustain pedal event clean-up
+ Almost all features can be switched on/off at wish

Midiate-RC was inspired by the "Pixel Arts Midi Contest"

Midiate-RC is primary hosted by Composition Contest ever since its first release in February 2004.
This exclusive PMC version ensures you always have the most recent release.

Further credits should go out to Jeff Glatt for his "Midifile.dll" which is essential in converting the low-level midi file data to a more convenient subcode to process by the program. Also for his in depth information on the midi file structure. TeamB at Borland for all their C++ solutions. Dimitris Keletsekis for his outstanding GUI script language "Gui4Cli" and his support. Thanks to Jens Altmann for his "JFE" file editor (A humble name for a great developing environment) and Christian Ghisler for his "Swiss knife" called "Total Commander" which were all of great help during the developing process. And perhaps the most to the guiding spirit which inspires us, although it's us who claim all the rights.

None of the above mentioned is directly connected to this software, it's purpose or the author of it.