version 0.74 beta                        Freeware (C) 2004-2006 - by CK-software       

Release March 2006.

What's new and/or fixed in version 0.74b

New "Refiner tool" interface. With easy on-screen editing and a clear view at all screen sizes from 1024x768 up. Easy synchronized "Before/After" compare.

Continued improvement of the "Refiner tool". We added the option to change channels. A number of interpretation mistakes are fixed. Added true checksum calculation for reliable reporting of changes. Much improved "Undo" features.

Support for old type mouses (mode setting) for the "Refiner tool" is discontinued. You now explicitly need a mouse with scroll wheel to use the tool.

We added a "File finder" tool to the filemanager. Great to search for files if you only loosely know their name. Right-click on the tab label when you're at the filemanager tab and it will be opended.

Playlist position and "List Play" state is now also saved and restored when you save a playlist from the "Toolbar" save option. Previously only when you saved a playlist at MRC exit.

Expanded the out-of-range checking from solo strings to all orchestral instruments. You can increase the "tolerance" level at the preferences tab if you get to much warnings. Ranges are user definable for all 128 GM instruments.

Improved the "small spread velocity" range detection in the "Remix and Cleanup" engine.

Added reporting of static pitchwheel events (existance and removal).

Expanded the storage of the MRC user interface state. Now paths, cursor positions and selected tab will all be saved and restored when you open MRC.

We changed the storage of "graph" files. They are now stored in a binary format which contains much more useful data. The former RTF graphs you saw when you used the "Refine" option now are created on the fly from this binary "graph" files.

Bug fixed in "midifile info" option which caused a crash when lines were longer then 254 characters. This now is reported and the line is truncated (like most sequencer programs do).
Note: Some sequencer or notation programs store their "non-standard" text data format in "standard" midi files of which they should realize they have to be interpreted by many other midi programs.

Bug fixed in "Remix and Cleanup" engine which occasionally caused unwanted removal of programs.

What's next...

We want to rework the "Refiner tool" so you can "Refine" any midi file that is still in the "Work space". Up till now you can only refine the last processed midi file.

We want to optimize the "remix and cleanup" engine (mrcwen.dll) to get it ready for future expansion and better performance.