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    Soundfont Click, Music Click and Music Composition Contest have thousands of original compositions to listen to and download for free in midi and mp3 format and are the house of the Merlin soundfonts.
  • We are a free online site about music not aimed to a specific genre and where diferent tastes, cultures and knowledge share the same room. This site is 100% free and ad free.
  • MP3 files were recorded using Synthfont and a Merlin Soundfont.
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2001-2021 Soundfont Click.
Merlin soundfonts.
Banks and instrument samples. Most samples are recorded using SynthFont.
For composers Upload your instrument samples, share your ideas and get soundfonts.
Original music for listeners and soundfont makers You can listen to and get shaken with high quality original compositions. You do not get this in any other place.
The experience of music Soundfont makers can participate and have fun.

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